Questions about chemicals in the condoms

I have an allergy against vulcanization accelerators (i.e. thiuram mix allergy). Which vulcanization accelerators are used during the manufacturing process of GLYDE Condoms?
During the manufacturing process of GLYDE Condoms diphenylguanine is used. Zinc N diethyldithiocarbomate and zinc N dibutyldithiocarbomate are not used.
Is formaldehyde used during the manufacturing process?
No, formaldehyde is not used during the manufacturing process
I have an allergy against gluten (celiac disease) - may I use GLYDE Condoms?
Yes, you can safely use GLYDE Condoms. There is no gluten used in the manufacturing of GLYDE Condoms.
Is talcum powder used during the manufacturing process of GLYDE Condoms?
No, talcum is not used with GLYDE condoms.
Are there any other chemicals in GLYDE Condoms?
No, there are not. The lubricant on the GLYDE Condoms is made of 100% silicone oil. It is paraben free and glycerin free. The condoms do not contain any pharmaceutically active substances (spermicides, benzocaine or thermo active substances). GLYDE Condoms do not contain any other chemicals.
I have heard that condoms might contain nitrosamines - what about GLYDE Condoms?
Nitrosamines occur in many everyday items such as beer and other foods, particularly if preserved with nitrites. However, the minimal amount of nitrosamines to be found in such latex products as baby's soothers, latex gloves and latex condoms is harmless to humans due to the fact that it is nigh on impossible to use enough of these products to have any detrimental effect.


Questions about the flavours

Why do you call the "GLYDE Ultra Black Liquorice" now "GLYDE Ultra Cola"? Do they contain alcohol?
The manufacturer uses a liquorice flavor, but the most people say it smells like cola. So it was decided to sell the black condoms as condoms with cola flavour. A second reason is the possible link to alcohol (liquor). None of our condoms contain alcohol.
Do the flavours of GLYDE Condoms contain nuts?
No, GLYDE Condoms flavours do not contain any nuts or parts/extracts of nuts.
Do the flavours which are used for GLYDE Condoms modify the pH-value of the vagina?
No, all flavours are pH neutral.
Could I use GLYDE Condoms for oral intercourse or are the flavours unhealthy?
This is no problem. All flavours are made of natural fruit extracts in food grade quality.
Do the flavours for the GLYDE Condoms contain any chemicals or synthetic flavours?
No, all flavours are made of natural fruit extracts.
How do the flavours come into the GLYDE Condoms?
The fruit distillations are added during the last step of manufacturing.


Questions about the colors

What are the colours for GLYDE Condoms made of?
All colours that are used for GLYDE condoms are made of natural vegetable or floral extract, with the basic underlying mainstay being red cabbage. The yellow colour used for GLYDE Ultra Vanilla is made of carotene extract. This is the coloring found in carrots.
Which chemicals are used to produce the colours?
The manufacturer does not use any chemicals to produce the colors.
Could I use GLYDE Condoms for oral intercourse or are the colors unhealthy?
This is no problem. As noted above, all colours are made of natural vegetable or floral extracts in food grade quality.


Social aspects - GLYDE and fairtrade

Can I be sure that the raw materials for GLYDE Condoms are fairly traded?
GLYDE Health, the manufacturer of GLYDE Condoms, has the distinction of an extensive social conscience since the foundation in 1990. Fairness against human, animals and the environment is one of the most important principles of the manufacturer. For this purpose, GLYDE Health works together with environment-friendly and sustainable Fair Trade partners, which stand for fair working conditions and payment for their workers.
Condoms are not a matter of course for a lot of people. I would like to support AIDS initiative when I buy my condoms. To what extent does GLYDE Health supports such social projects?
The manufacturer of GLYDE Condoms supports the Australia Ministry of Health with its GLYDE products, and i.e. "Safe Sex Packs" for needle exchange programs. GLYDE Health is for years one of the largest supplier for AIDS Councils throughout Australia and maintains longstanding partnerships with several worldwide health projects, non-profit organizations, NGO's and AIDS Councils, i.e. "Global Fund against AIDS", as well as the "Bill and Melinda Gates foundation". Not only through the products, but also a part of the proceeds is used for the financial support of social projects against AIDS. For example, GLYDE Health has support two Sexual Health nurses to gain tertiary education qualifications which they now employ to teach other nurses in the prevention techniques. Moreover, the European distributor of GLYDE supports several social, regional projects and AIDS councils in Europe.
Does GLYDE Health have any special donation arrangement related to the "Red Ribbon" condoms?
Yes, GLYDE Health donates 15% of the sales of Red Ribbon Condoms to AIDS councils.

Questions about the condoms

How much lubricant is on the GLYDE Condoms?
There is a light film of silicone oil on the condoms. For some couples this quantity is not sufficient for their sexual activity. In this case, you can use every water- or silicone oil-based condom friendly lubricant. We recommend the vegan GLYDE Premier lubricant.
Does the lubricant on GLYDE Condoms contain palm oil?
No, the lubricant on GLYDE Condoms does not contain palm oil. They are only lubricated with a bit of silicone oil, which is necessary to remove the condoms off of the glass forms.
Why can I not buy strong GLYDE Condoms?
GLYDE Condoms are manufactured using the so called "double dipping process". Because of this patented procedure, they don't need thicker walls to be very strong and tear proof.
Why can I not buy ultra-thin GLYDE Condoms?
GLYDE Condoms are manufactured using the so called "double dipping process". This procedure causes a wall thickness of 0,058mm - this is a bit less than the wall thickness of the most standard condoms (0,06 - 0,07mm). Furthermore, GLYDE Condoms have a soft and silky surface. Therefore thinner walls are not necessary for a natural feeling.
Why do GLYDE Condoms contain thistle extract?
The thistle extract is used during the manufacturing to replace casein which is a dairy derivative therefore not acceptable to the Vegan community. It is one ingredient of the liquid bath which is used to soften the latex. So it becomes smooth and flexible.


GLYDE and the environment

Are the raw materials of GLYDE Condoms genetically modified?
No, GLYDE Condoms are made of natural latex drawn from renewable plantation trees. There is also not any possibility of cross contamination during the manufacturing process.
Are GLYDE Condoms organic?
It is correct to say that GLYDE Condoms are organic. They are made of natural latex taken from rubber trees grown in plantations in Malaysia, which are managed sustainably.
Unfortunately often parts of the rain forest, also in Malaysia, are cleared to make room for latex plantations. How sustainable and economic are GLYDE Condoms?
It is true that some forest land is being turned over to make room for rubber plantations. However, the plantations in Malaysia, which supply the latex used for GLYDE Condoms, are some of the earliest ever planted. They are dating back to 1905 and of course the trees are replaced as they age and stop producing. The replacements are seedlings taken from cuttings of the original trees so as to maintain the first quality latex required by the manufacturer to produce the GLYDE Condoms.


The questions were answered by:

Clive Woodworth

Clive Woodworth, Managing Director, GLYDE Health Pty. Ltd. (Foto © Jan M. Zenker)